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Software Quality Assurance comprises of strategies and practices of evaluating the software development methods, processes, technologies, and tools used to guarantee the quality of the created product. It is typically accomplished by using well-planned standard systems, covering processes and tools, for quality control to assure the reliability and dependability of the product.

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What Are You Waiting For? Quality Characteristics!

Below are a few quality characteristics of the Quality Assurance process

Concentrate on the User Experience

Testing at all stages of the venture is critical. However, the most dominant point is the user experience. In case that the UX is terrible, it unavoidably implies the quality isn’t of standard. Despite the fact that this will presumably result in variations in the earlier stage of software development, the user experience should dependably be at the leading place.

Automation and Continuous Integration

Automation is essential since it offers quick review, empowering continuous integration – an important part of the agile approach. Automation is additionally solution to lessening costs and improving the productivity of your QA staff; that is one of the principle reasons why QA engineers must teach themselves and be apt to execute automation processes.

Test and Code Coverage

Numerous QA managers ramble about “test coverage,” that gives a decent broad image of the quality of the product. But to accomplish genuine quality, test cases and code coverage examination both ought to be held. For instance, regardless of the fact that 100% test coverage is performed by you, you have to, in any case, go for a minimum 90% function code coverage to guarantee the best outcomes.

The Shift-Left Approach

Software testing begins commonly once the coding stage is finished. In any case, for ideal quality in an agile strategy, you have to drive the concentration and start checking as well as testing directly from the origin of the venture. It guarantees bugs are identified sooner, that saves both money and time. Additionally, it ensures a positive association with developers in the group, quickens the delivery of the application, and takes into consideration more noteworthy test coverage.

Smart Testing

Full and thorough testing can now and again lead to a challenge since numerous personals might not have resources or time to experience each reasonable combination of cases. But you ought to be smart in how and what to test. It implies, speaking with the engineer to discover little experiments that will identify the best number of bugs.

Bug Prevention

QA managers are prepared to detect bugs, but an ingenious QA specialist will likewise consider how to avoid them in any case. Conventional QA begins testing at the UI level, yet an agile process begins with the functional and unit testing and after that moves to the UI phase. This methodology keeps bugs from entering the top level of development which can later on lead to more severe issues and likely postpone the delivery. Furthermore, concentrate on major crucial bugs and errors at first as opposed to many small errors.


It is critical for software to adjust to various environments. For example, a framework should operate just as efficiently on a web platform as it works on mobile. The versatility, installability, replaceability, and conformance of the product should be recorded respectively.


A system crash is not a unique situation. However, in quality testing, you require to check the system’s capacity to resist component breakdown. The system ought to be ready to get back into complete control even after a possible malfunction in the product.


This process manages the administration and archiving of documents. Any variation in a record is done by using the appropriate change control method. Approval of all kinds of documents is also done in this process.

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