Fixed-Price Development Services

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Our Process on Fixed-Price Development Service

Fixed-Price or Fixed-Cost project management

Standard Way

The Fixed-Price Model is best suited to projects with definite scope and clear specifications. You can engage this model when everything about the initiative is apparent from the beginning of your project to its delivery and pay a fixed price as per the agreement.

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What Are You Waiting For? Process Advantages!

Have a look for advantages of Fixed-Price Model

Strict costs

The client knows the budget of the project from the very beginning, before the project starts. After signing the contract, it won’t change in any case.

Timeline Limitations

When the vendor knows the complete list of features that power the app, he can develop the roadmap and plan the workload of the development team. It is easy to complete the project on time when you have a precise plan.

Process predictability

It is easy to keep everything under control when you have a roadmap. You can easily predict project completion when we track the single activity of every developer in your outsourcing team.

Easy management

With Fixed Price agreement all the project features are well-documented so that they can be quickly passed down to the development team without additional approvals with the customer.

Politetech Software is to provide our clients with Fixed-Price software development model, made especially for you by reaching out.

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